Hudson Litchfield Bears Football

For anyone that has children in a sports league like youth football, you may have been encouraged (or required) to take ‘volunteer hours’ to help cover the team jobs of cleaning the field, serving refreshments, manning specific stations, moving “the chains” and other jobs functions. Here at TrollSpank Studios, LLC. we always take the job of camera person.

We shot the footage, edited the footage over the course of the season and brought it together in a final highlight reel. Due to a migration to new software, at the time, half the edit is done in Final Cut Pro X while the remaining work was done in Adobe Premier Pro with all graphical intro’s and credits done in Adobe After Effects.



The full edit and post production took roughly 20-hours of work. And yes, we put our son right into the middle shot for the thumbnail 😉



Here is the 4th Grade Season video we launched in fall 2015. This video production was done fully with Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premier CC. The end footage (when credits start) in After Effects with portions done in Premier.