TrollSpank Studios, LLC., located in southern NH, was born out of both necessity and desire. Social Media, specifically online video production, has grown from simple cat video’s to fully produced online content for basic how-to video’s right down to fully produced short films. TrollSpank Studio’s specializes in both video production and consulting services around online video. We are not a social media consultant/agency, we don’t really agree with the methodologies implemented by many of these so-called “experts.”

However, when you’ve read the Youtube Creators Playbook and you’re still a bit confused on the process of online video production, we’re here to help you figure it all out. TrollSpank Studios, LLC. cannot create talent within you, but we can guide you in ways to utilize your talent and focus it into the right direction.

How do we learn the tricks of the trade? We do it… everyday. We’ve created both a video presence with Common Man Cocktails, a show focused completely on cocktail creation, spirit reviews and entertainment along side a full E-Commerce solution to actually make money creating the video’s with AwesomeDrinks.com. We produce a mocktail show with our children called Mocktails4Kids and produce video’s for companies that want to show off their talents.

Looking to get an edge with your online video? We can help give you some direction, contact us. Need some video shot and in the New Hampshire area? Just let us know!