is a retail site, focused on speciality craft bar syrups, bitters, tonics and all things cocktail. AwesomeDrinks was once an affiliate site utilized by Common Man Cocktails which was eventually merged with the retail store through purchasing the business from the previous owner. Due to insurance policy reasons, TrollSpank Studios, LLC. was formed to manage the video show while AwesomeDrinks continued its path as a primary retail online store.

The lesson? YouTube content creators must diversify their monetization portfolio. The success if AwesomeDrinks was born out of the prior success of Common Man Cocktails and, together, they both grew and began specializing in their own way. If you rely on YouTube ad pre-roll you’re going to plateau and leave “money on the table” when you should be working other angles, including your own retail outlet selling products you use on your show.

The video production experience also allowed us to build video content specific for products carried at the store, like this video covering glass straws.


Notice this video production allows customers to see how the straws work, give them information about the straw and allow them to relate to the producer/host (the store owner) and give them that trust in purchasing.